Life Assurance

Protect your loved ones

Insurance for the future of your family and that of your loved ones.

In the event of the member's death, the death benefit is paid to the beneficiary(ies). This capital can be increased by the complementary death guarantee, free of charge. This guarantee only applies if the death benefit is lower than the payments net of fees and redemptions.

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Terms and conditions

Discover the general conditions related to insurance with Fludicial.

  • Conditions of eligibility

    Life insurance, for whom?

    Life insurance can be taken out by any adult natural person residing in France or not and legally capable.

    And how ?

    To take advantage of your life insurance, you must open a Fludicial current or joint account. It is free, and his credit card too.

  • Guarantee

    As soon as you join, you automatically benefit from the additional death benefit at no additional cost. The additional death capital is paid in the event that the death capital is lower than the payments net of costs and redemptions, it is then equal to the amounts of the payments net of costs and redemption minus the death capital.

  • Taxation

    In case of death

    You have an excellent tool for transmitting your assets in the event of death. The death benefits benefit from a total exemption from tax when the beneficiary of the contract is the spouse or a partner bound by a PACS.

    In the event of a life annuity for consideration

    At the time of the withdrawal from a life annuity for consideration, the products acquired before the conversion into an annuity are exempt from income tax, but subject to social security contributions at the rate of 15.50%.

  • Withdrawal

    You have a withdrawal period of 30 calendar days from the date of conclusion of the contract.